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barometerIT brings unique clarity to your biggest business challenges by providing an “up-to-date blueprint” of your business and IT environment. 

barometerIT is a simple, social, smart application that creates a visual, real-time map of your enterprise. Highlight contextual relationships between applications, capabilities, strategies, people, and more.


A map of your enterprise.

 Inventory your enterprise data through people-driven crowdsourcing and third-party integration. Establish associations to create a real-time, multi-dimensional view of your enterprise.

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Understand how it all connects.

 Interactively explore your enterprise through dynamic data analysis to understand impacts, dependencies, and the complexity of relationships. View information from multiple perspectives for a truly holistic view.



Turn exploration into action.

 Use visualizations to identify risk and redundancies, rationalize portfolios, and provide recommendations to inform better business decisions that align strategy to execution.

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